Faux Leather Document Tray 15in

Model: 6104BL
Price: $3.00


Keep track of statements and other correspondence with this faux leather document tray. The opening at the end of the tray makes it easy to shuffle through papers when paying the bills. Offered in black and brown.

All Basket Measurements are Inside Dimensions:
As our baskets are handmade from natural materials, the baskets you receive may have a slight variance in size

Top Rim Dimensions: 15.25"L x 10.75"W x 2.75"H

Base Dimensions: 15.25"L x 10.75"W

Material: Leatherette (faux leather), cardboard skeleton

Available Color(s):

  • Black - Model 6104BL
  • Brown - Model 6104BR

Size Category: Medium to Large

Strength: Medium

4 Reviews Written for this Product  

5 star s
Was going to use for a gift but I decided to keep it for my own desk!!
Submitted by: Lois certified buyer
from Voorhees, NJ on 11 - 20 - 2019

5 star s
I work at a prestigious law firm in NYC. After the first two trays which I purchased last year one of my partners said to his secretary "get me one of those". Luckily I back tracked and I was able to order just one for now. I am sure once the word goes around there will be more trays ordered. Thank you!
Submitted by: HOWARD certified buyer
from NEW YORK, NY on 02 - 11 - 2017

5 star s
I work in a very prestigious law firm in NYC. When the Secretary sent me pictures of the Leather Tray she had on her desk I GOOGLED leather trays and the rest you know. It lead me to your company. The Partner received the two trays and personally called me up to thank me. That was worth everything. Thank you.
Submitted by: HOWARD certified buyer
from NEW YORK, NY on 11 - 22 - 2016

5 star s
Quite simply an amazingly low price for a product that looks so impressive. Larger than a standard document tray, it makes a pile of documents tidier and not so overwhelming!
Submitted by: Barry certified buyer
from Delray Beach, FL on 07 - 15 - 2016