Michaela Sea Grass Flat Rectangular Tray Basket 13in

Model: 9284
Price: $4.50

Woven from natural sea grass, this flat, rectangular utility tray from the Michaela Collection makes a great decorative piece or storage tray. For him, use this tray to store a wallet or watch or other precious items. For her, use this tray to store jewelry, watches and other small items that can get lot easily. Because it is shallow enough, it can be used to organize a messy desk drawer.

All Basket Measurements are Inside Dimensions:
As some of our baskets are handmade from natural materials, the baskets you receive may have a slight variance in size

Top Rim Dimensions: 13.75"L x 7.5"W x 3"H

Base Dimensions: 11.75"L x 5.25"W x 3"H

Material: Sea grass, steel

Color: Natural sea grass

Size Category: Medium

Strength: High

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5 star s
Fantastic product! Sturdy, even weaves, just fantastic!
Submitted by: Karleen certified buyer
from Crestview, FL on 07 - 25 - 2019

5 star s
Submitted by: Carol certified buyer
from Anacortes, WA on 01 - 31 - 2019

5 star s
Very good value, good product.
Submitted by: Rose certified buyer
from Willmar, MN on 10 - 10 - 2017

5 star s
Perfect size and price just right
Submitted by: Sharon certified buyer
from URBANA, OH on 09 - 06 - 2016

5 star s
The baskets that we ordered were better than what we anticipated! We will be ordering more soon!

Red Stick Spice Company
Baton Rouge, LA
Submitted by: Gloria certified buyer
from , on 09 - 25 - 2010