Natural Slim Rectangular Bamboo Tray Basket - Large 12in

Model: 6212
Price: $1.50

All Basket Measurements are Inside Dimensions:
As our baskets are handmade from natural materials, the baskets you receive may have a slight variance in size

Top Rim Dimensions: 12"L x 6"W x 4"H

Base Dimensions: 10"L x 4"W

Material: Bamboo and palm

Colors: Natural (undyed)

Size Category: Medium to Large

Strength: Low to Medium

6 Review s Written for this Product  

5 star s
This is the least expensive basket I bought ($1.50!) and it's still nice. Highly recommend this company.
Submitted by: Ellen certified buyer
from Ann Arbor, MI on 07 - 26 - 2018

5 star s
These rectangle baskets are nice, sturdy and just what I expected.
Submitted by: Gary certified buyer
from Fort Wayne, IN on 09 - 05 - 2017

5 star s
Well made!
Submitted by: Debra certified buyer
from Jacksonville, FL on 05 - 28 - 2017

5 star s
Submitted by: Deanette certified buyer
from St. Paul, MN on 05 - 03 - 2017

5 star s
Submitted by: INGER certified buyer
from Portland, OR on 09 - 30 - 2015
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