Stella Rect Wire Basket with Rose Ear Handles Large - 13in

Model: 5300L
Price: $11.75

Place fruit or kitchen utensils in this nifty little basket. Use it to serve bread or place it on a counter or table for a neat decorative accent. The ear handles makes it convenient for storing and transporting any items. Its great price also makes it perfect to use as a gift basket for any occasion.

All Basket Measurements are Inside Dimensions:
As some of our baskets are handmade from natural materials, the baskets you receive may have a slight variance in size

Top Rim Dimensions: 13.25"L x 9.25"W x 6.5"H

Base Dimensions: 11.5"L x 7.5"W

Material: Steel

Color Choice: Silver (basket), Pink (ear handles)

Size Category: Large

Strength: High