Rect Wooden Planter Basket with Chalkboard 12in

Model: 6286R
Price: $10.00

All Basket Measurements are Inside Dimensions: 
As our baskets are handmade from natural materials, the baskets you receive may have a slight variance in size

Please note: Use of chalkboard markers and/or chalkboard paint are not recommended for the chalkboard surface of this product, as the surface is porous – which may make it difficult to remove. Please test a small area of the chalkboard surface first. 

Top Rim Dimensions: 12.5"L x 7.75"W x 5"H (6.5"H at side handles)

Chalkboard: 10.5-9.5"L(tapers) x 3.5"H 

Base Dimensions: 10.75"L x 6.5"W

Material: Wood

Available Color(s):

  • Antique Brown - Model 6286BR
  • Black Charcoal - Model 6286BG
  • Farmhouse Red - Model 6286R
  • Worn White - Model 6286W

Size Category: Medium to Large

Strength: High